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Client : Boost | Platforms : Instagram , YouTube

Boost, a renowned health food drink brand in India, was introduced in 1975. With a proud heritage, Boost has been a source of inspiration for children, encouraging them to persist, exert effort, and conquer athletic challenges through determination and endurance.

To promote the Women’s T20 World Cup (WT2O) and execute an influencer marketing campaign to convey the message that cricket is a sport for everyone, irrespective of gender.

To drive visibility for the Women’s T20 World Cup (WT2O) and implement an influencer marketing campaign that underscores the idea that cricket is not defined by gender but is centered around stamina and skill.

Content Strategy:

  • Creating a video campaign featuring the collaboration of two Indian influencers , Mamta Mohandas and Ramya Subramanian.
  • The influencers engaged in conversations with young Indian female cricket athletes, exploring their experiences as players for the Indian Women’s Cricket Team.

Hashtag Promotion:

The campaign successfully achieved...


Total Story Views


Total Views achieved




Total Comments


Total Video Views

Collaborative content can visually demonstrate the brand’s
commitment to gender equality.

Amplified awareness of the Women’s T20 World Cup,
with increased viewership during the tournament.

The influencer marketing campaign led by Mamta Mohandas and Ramya Subramanian successfully shifted the narrative, establishing the sport as a showcase of stamina, skill, and empowerment rather than being confined by gender stereotypes. By strategically engaging with young female cricket athletes and fostering conversations around breaking boundaries, the campaign not only elevated the profile of the WT2O but also contributed to a more inclusive and diverse cricketing community.

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