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Skoda Deccan Beats

Client : Skoda | Platforms : Instagram , YouTube

Skoda “Deccan Beats” is an IP created by Skoda India and curated by Barcode Entertainment. For the first time ever, watch a grand spectacle of four languages from across five states coming together on one stage, with one purpose—To Celebrate Music. A platform for undiscovered talent, new compositions, and much more!

  • Create a unique Intellectual Property (IP) event that celebrates music by bringing together four languages from five states on a single stage.
  • Provide a platform for undiscovered talent, new compositions, and a fusion of diverse musical traditions.
    Showcase Skoda’s commitment to innovation, creativity, and cultural diversity.

Multilingual Music Spectacle:

  • Language Inclusivity: The event featured performances in four languages – Telugu, Kannada, Tamil, and Malayalam – representing five states of South India.
  • Music Fusion: The heart of “Deccan Beats” was the fusion of these languages, creating a harmonious celebration of cultural diversity.

Talent Discovery and Composition Showcase:

  • Open Auditions: “Deccan Beats” provided a platform for undiscovered musical talent. Open auditions were held to select participants from diverse backgrounds.
  • New Compositions: Musicians were encouraged to create and perform original compositions, promoting creativity and innovation in the music industry.

The campaign successfully achieved...

16 Artists


8 M

Total Views

16 OST

Music scores created

Celebrating regional diversity through music is a powerful
way to connect with audiences.

Providing a platform for undiscovered talent
fosters creativity and innovation.

Skoda “Deccan Beats” successfully achieved its objectives of celebrating music, cultural diversity, and undiscovered talent. The event’s innovative approach and inclusivity resonated with audiences across South India and beyond. By creating a platform that fosters creativity and showcases regional richness, Skoda showcased its commitment to innovation, cultural diversity, and the spirit of celebration. The event not only left a musical mark but also strengthened the brand’s connection with its audience in the Deccan region.

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