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Maternity Magic

Client : Tailor & Circus | Platforms : Instagram

Tailor & Circus is a distinguished name in the world of fashion and comfort,
specializing in crafting innovative and stylish intimate wear solutions.
Founded with a commitment to redefine everyday comfort and self-expression,
Tailor & Circus has become synonymous with quality, aesthetics,
and versatility in the apparel industry.

  • To launch Tailor & Circus’s new range of maternity nursing bralette.
  • To promote a new AR filter by Tailor & Circus on Stories
  • Tailor & Circus’s comfort & fuss-free feeding USP was the primary focus of the campaign.
  • The purpose of this campaign was to leverage the brands existing brand equity to target and connect with new audiences to in turn drive in more conversions and sales digitally for the Product launch
  • Barcode identified and designed innovating AR Filters for Influencers who specialise in content that resonates with expectant mothers & mothers with infants.
  • We casted content creators that curate content with Hashtags #underwearthatlovesyou #alwayswearunderwear and delivered exceptional results over a month long campaign.

The campaign successfully achieved...


Total views


Total Likes

The campaign successfully raised awareness about Tailor & Circus’s new maternity nursing bralette.

Collaborations with parenting influencers proved
effective in reaching a niche audience.

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